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Sustainability Starts Here: Liquid Waste Solutions for Schools Leading the Green Charge!

Compliance Has Never Been Easier!

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Helping You Do Your Part in the Green Schools Initiative

Teaching children about being environmentally minded, we can create a more sustainable society.

For example, by separating organic waste out of our trash, we can offset the amount of methane that’s released.

Methane is a super pollutant 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide and other air pollutants that cause health conditions like asthma.

Next, we look to reduce the amount liquid waste in our trash.

Because liquid waste comingled with our trash presents problems with:

Offending odors.
Spills from trash bags that spring a leak.
Increased custodial worker’s compensation & general liability claims from back injuries or slip & falls.
Contaminating recyclable trash making it un-recyclable.
Heavier trash means haulers use more fuel and produce more greenhouse gas emissions and you might be charged more for the service.

From Mess to Marvel: Elevate Your School's Sustainability Quotient with Liquid Waste Innovation!

Built by custodians for custodial professionals

Efficiently separates liquid from other trash.
Comes with a nesting, removable strainer to keep solids from clogging the unit and the custodial sink.
Wide drain hose for quick and easy emptying in the custodial sink.
Sturdy handle and commercial grade steel wheel casters for mobility.
Caster brakes allow for stationary placement when in use.
Holds up to 30 gallons of liquid.
Made with recycled plastics.
Comes in 12 different colors to match any décor.
A microbial puck eats organic matter to keep the unit clean for up to 4 weeks.

Eco-Warriors Wanted! The Easy Way to be Compliant with Sustainable School Liquid Waste Management!

Environmental Awareness

Helps change an individual’s thinking about recycling habits.
Teaching children about sustainability now, so future generations will be greener.
Compliance with California law AB1826, the mandatory separation of organics from trash.

Liquid Separation from Trash

Less weight uses less fuel.
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Reduces liquid leaks, stains, and injuries due to slip & fall.
No extra cost to process liquid waste as it goes to water treatment.

Financial Savings

Reduced liquid weight in compactors saves money and lowers tipping fee at landfill scale.
Reduces labor cost by reducing cleaning time.
Reducing liquid stains, less carpet cleaning, and less power washing trash areas.
Reduces custodial back strains, makes the job easier, and helps retain custodians.

Green Your Campus: Unleash the Power of Eco-Friendly Liquid Waste Management!

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Did you know that mixing liquids with our trash or recycling can cause several problems?

  • Adds extra weight to the trash and that costs more to haul away.
  • Liquids ruin recyclable items so they can’t be recycled.
  • Custodial injuries occur lifting heavy trash bags.

And much more.

By putting liquids where they belong, it makes the weight of trash lighter.

It allows for recyclable items to be recycled.

It saves custodians from unnecessary back strains and injuries.

This is built by custodians for custodial professionals. They’ll love it!

Its intuitive design is simple to use. Liquid gets poured in the sink.

Children start using this with little instruction.

Not to mention, we’re planting the sustainability idea in their minds early on so our future will be greener.

Yes. Do your own feasibility study to determine exactly how much is saved.

After working with theaters, schools, and higher education customers who have done their own studies, approximately 18% of liquids served end up in the waste stream.

Imagine what capturing that and disposing of it properly would save.

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